Soft Pollen125g

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Sellos Harvested Spain
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Ingredients: Bee pollen.

Sensory Characteristics: The pollen is of a granular nature, it is composed of different pollen balls, which vary in size and color (traditionally yellow, orange and black, depending on the flowering from which they come). It has a mild smell characteristic of pollen and in the mouth it is moderately solid and with intense flavor. Bee pollen is collected from the flowers, by the bees, for their own food, and is picked up by the beekeeper at certain times when the bee will enter the hive.

Nutritional Highlights and directions for use: It has a high content of fiber, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. And it is a source of protein, iron, zinc and potassium.

Take a tablespoon daily or dilute it in milk, tea or juice.


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