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Naturval was born in 1996, founded by a couple of young entrepreneurs and marked by a family tradition of beekeepers that dates back to 1925.With more than 25 varieties of honeys, pollen, royal jelly, propolis as well as natural dietetics, cosmetics and foodstuff.

We are a company with a clear vocation for quality with sustainable, transparent and innovative country products, and we like to combine tradition with the application of current production techniques that respect the product.

We know the field from our beekeeper’s perspective and we also have regional and national beekeeper collaborators, who develop their activity in synchrony, generating positive synergies for everyone and becoming part of the Naturval family.

We select, produce with care and provide our clients with the best honey and bee products, which thanks to Mediterranean vegetation, provide us with a great variety of flavors and aromas.

In our commitment to nature, we have been offering certified organic products for more than a decade, use 100% recyclable packaging such as glass and we use renewable energy.

Our commitment to constant improvement helps us adapt not only to the new demands of the market, but also to satisfy the particular needs of our customers, offering personalized products.

Vision and Values

In a world where the value of nature is increasingly important, with sustainable production systems, where products must provide consumers with health, well-being and knowledge, as companies we must be the guarantee that the products offered meet the demand and social needs of our customers.

This is Naturval’s vision, so that consumers, based on full product knowledge can choose those products that meet their needs and are aligned with their values.

Our values are: Involvement, Commitment to quality, Transparency, Innovation and Flexibility.


Our main commitment is to offer natural, healthy and sustainable products. Our work is based on the care of the raw material from the hive or the fields all the way to our clients.

Sharing the natural and all our knowledge and experience, at the service of customers and consumers who are more participant and want to better understand the products they consume. Our passion is to offer high quality products and help make your diet more natural.

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