The bees collect the nectar from the flowers and transport it to the hive, where they transform it into raw honey by adding digestive enzymes and evaporating water excess.

Pure and natural honey is a very nutritious food, which contains carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is used to sweeten naturally and is used in various culinary preparations and home remedies. Traditionally raw natural honey was considered and has been used in various home remedies to alleviate situations of coughs, colds, burns or lacerations… this being part of our popular culture. It is important to note that raw honey should not be given to children under one year of age or pregnant women.

The bees are characterized by being very efficient in managing their energy and, although they visit more than 7,000 flowers to produce 5g of honey, when they are located in an area where a specific bloom predominates, for example Orange Blossom, they are able to collect the nectar of these flowers to get a high quality raw orange blossom honey.

There are different varieties of honey, each one with unique characteristics and properties depending on the type of flowering in which the bees have collected the nectar, all of them 100% from Spain.

Some of the most recognized and valuable varieties of honey in our environment include Orange honey or Orange Blossom honey, Rosemary honey, Eucalyptus honey, Thyme honey, Heather or Holm oak honey… among many others varieties that make Spain a collecting region of the highest quality honeys.

Our process of collecting raw natural honey is completely respectful of bees, we are committed to sustainable beekeeping in which the health of bees prevails, the good maintenance of the rural environment around us and the essential pollination function that they both perform, beekeepers and bees.

We can also find different ways to consume raw honey: in a creamy or liquid state.

What is raw honey?

The raw natural honey has been obtained directly from the hives by the beekeeper, we take care of it at controlled temperature and by this way we prevent from losing aromatic and taste properties. Finally, we bottle and label it jar by jar as our grandparents did, maintaining all its aroma and flavor to offer high-quality raw honey that respects the artisan tradition of our ancestors.

Naturval honey is 100% Spanish beekeeper’s honey, obtained directly from the hives and packaged manually following our most select artisanal processes and achieving a unique honey that will satisfy the most demanding consumers.

Raw beekeeper honey can vary in flavor and texture depending on the type of bloom where the bees have collected the nectar. As it is a natural product, each harvest has its own organoleptic properties, although always maintaining the identifying features of each variety of honey.

Where to buy raw beekeeper honey?

In general, if you want to buy beekeeper’s honey, at Naturval you can find more than 16 different varieties of national origin, both in creamy and liquid texture, with all the quality guarantees and endorsed by top-level international certificates.

Taste our varieties of orange blossom, rosemary and flower honey

  • Orange Blossom Creamy Honey 500g

    Harvest in: Mediterranean Arc (Valencian Community, Andalusia and Catalonia).

  • Rosemary Creamy Honey 500g

    Harvest in: Calcareous areas in the center (Castilla la Mancha) and Southeast of the peninsula (Valencian Community and Catalonia).

  • Blossom Creamy Honey 500g

    Harvest in: The entire peninsula.


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