Beekeeping is an art for many and for many others a process of collecting a natural food produced by the bees (honey) in the fields, which has been valued and desired by different civilizations throughout humanity (nomadic people, Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs) who have lived with them and who have evolved in obtaining this precious nectar, even some civilizations (Greek) calling it “The nectar of the gods”.

The Beekeeper is responsible for obtaining the honey and caring for bees. He ensures that the bees do not get sick and are in good health, helps combat adverse pests and transports the hives to the appropriate areas with the flower blooms at the right time of the season so that the bees have food all year round, and his reward at the end of all this work is the collection of surplus from the hive.

At Naturval we are also beekeepers and we manage our own apiary, allowing us to know all the peculiarities from the field and the honey collection process, together with the alliance of other professional beekeepers who cooperate closely with us and that we call “Collaborating Beekeepers”.

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Sustainable beekeeping

All the professionals involved in the Naturval project develop what we call “responsible beekeeping” and respectful of bees and the environment.

Through the study of the management of beekeeping colonies, following the codes of good beekeeping practices and with the interaction of different professionals who share our knowledge in a disinterested way and for the benefit of the entire group.

We have managed to ensure that our beekeeping practices respect the natural cycle of the bees, that our hives are healthy and strong, without the abuse of chemical products and that the extraction and packaging practices of our honey follow the principles of tradition, caring for the product and preserving all its properties.

We are proud of being a beekeeping company that apart from being beekeepers ourselves has professional beekeepers as part of the Naturval family, to offer the best of the hive.

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