Our history

The history of Naturval goes back to the history of a family:

Mr. Bernardo Evangelio Godoy is the beekeeper grandfather of Pilar Evangelio, co-founder of Naturval. In 1925, Bernardo, at the age of 17, had his first experience with bees, helping the town’s beekeepers. But later in 1936 the Spanish civil war broke out and years later when once the Civil War was over, he moved to live at the Masía Castillo Olivas in Villora (Cuenca).

During that time, the young man watched as different beekeepers passed through the farmhouse, and he decided to commission the carpenters in the area to carve two beehives for him to harvest his own honey. The experience was positive, so he decided to increase the number of the hives.

After the birth of Pilar, Bernardo moved to live in Montserrat (Valencia), continuing with the beekeeping operation in the Valencian Community where he collected rosemary, orange and flower honey.

When Pilar was still a child, she accompanied her grandfather to harvest the honey, of which she has fond memories of her grandfather’s honey.

With entrepreneurial spirit Pilar Evangelio and Vicente Moreno, who had been working in the beekeeping sector since the age of 16, decided to launch together with other partners in 1987, the UFAMA society that included beekeeping products, machinery and beekeeping health advice.

Finally, this company ended up being divided into independent branches and that is when the two entrepreneurs Pilar and Vicente decided to start Naturval apícola in 1996, which would continue to gradually develop over the years until it became a benchmark in the honey and bee products sector in Spain and Europe.

Our timeline highlights the main milestones in our history:

1925Bernardo Evangelio works as a helper for the beekeepers of his town
1936Civil war breaks out
1942Bernardo Evangelio decides to put 2 test hives and the colonies grow
1987Creation of UFAMA Society
1990Establishment of our own specialized laboratory
1996Creation of NATURVAL APÍCOLA
2000Attendance at the first international trade fair
2002Installation of the first packaging line
2004Incorporation of other cosmetic and dietary products related to beekeeping
20081st renewal of the Naturval brand
2010Innovation with the UPV - development of Melicao
20152nd renewal of the Naturval brand
2018Building of a second production plant

Our team

At Naturval, people are the most valuable asset, which is why we take special care of our workers, a multidisciplinary team made up of a staff of professionals with extensive experience in their area.

Steering Committee

Vicente Moreno

Managing Director / CEO

Mario Moreno

Director of operations


Houman Shiri

Export Manager

Rubén Espert

Sale Manager Spain

Carolina Suarez

Sale Specialized Stores

Maxi Moreno

Sale Industry


Amparo Segura

Auxiliary material and logistics


Marisa Navarro

Quality Manager

Yolanda Muñoz

Laboratory technician

Andrea Abellán

Laboratory technician


Ramón Orti

Production Manager

Mª Carmen Giménez


Gabriela Guceanu

Specialized Stores Unit

Ramón Bartual

Industry Unit – Bulk

Maria Jose López

Large Consumption Unit

Alma Dolz

Large Consumption Unit

Administration and Finance

Francisco Chisbert

Administration Manager

Estefanía Puchades


Adela Moreno


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Quality and Cert.



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